Suspension, Wheels & Tyres 

With longevity in the Subaru and EVO Service Industry and Motorsport Heritage, Wheel & Tyre knowledge has become second nature to S&J.

Hankook Tyres

When it comes to Motorsport, the Hankook Ventus Z221 R-Spec tyre has proven to be a real game changer. Available in 3 different compounds there is a Race Tyre to suit your needs. With proven results in Hill Climb – Tarmac – Circuit the Ventus Z221 is sure to impress. Having campaigned these themselves and having regular motorsport clients come back for more, S&J can fit a set of Hankook R-Specs with confidence knowing that they will deliver on performance! 

As far as an Extreme Ultra Hi-Performance Road Tyre the Hankook Ventus R-S4 stacks up very well in regards to performance, appearance, range and wear! These are a road legal R-Spec style tyre suitable for entry level motorsport and road use! All Subie and EVO sizes in stock now! 

For Street Driven cars there is a wide range of Hankook Hi-Performance and Passenger Road tyres available. The Hankook K117 S1 Evo2 is the premium road tyre with very even wear and extremely low road noise, they are un-matched against anything else that S&J have tested in the market. Overall there is a wide range of other Hankook tyres available to suit various requirements. 

Other Tyre Brands

With the help of SA Motorsport Tyres, S&J have access to many other brands as well such as Toyo – Nitto – Hoosier – Pirelli – Luccini – Maxxis just to name a few. Call the team and you will find that they have the right solution for your needs.

Rota Wheels

S&J are also an agent for Rota Wheels Australia. The Team are very passionate about form and function when it comes to choosing a set of wheels for your pride and joy. 

With the ever popular JDM designed wheels that are available in many different styles, sizes, offsets and colours, S&J are confident that they can come up with a combo that will suit your style and budget.

S&J have tried and tested these rims many times over on clients and our own cars and they never disappoint! S&J are vey passionate about all aspects of their cars including the aesthetics, the presence and the reliability, that’s why they use and recommend Rota day-in, day-out without question.

Rota Fighter Speed Bronze

Rota GForce Matt Black

Rota Gravel Gun Metallic

Rota Grid Gun Metallic

Rota Grid White

Rota P1R


For over 20 years S&J have been supplying and installing Whiteline Upgrade Suspension Components which almost magically transform the already great handling of the WRX and EVO, and more recently BRZ / FT-86. Similarly the entire SuperPro Upgrade Suspension Component range is available from the Team, and where feasible you will find that S&J recommend one of these leading brands over the other for a given application.

If you require a Shock/Spring combination beyond OEM Shocks with Whiteline Lowered Springs, S&J offer Silvers, Tein or MCA Coil-Over kits for outright purchase and/or professional installation and set-up.

Silvers Suspension began production in the USA in 1999 and are finally available in Australia, with a range of Coil-Overs for all budgets from Street to Track. S&J carry a wide range of Coil-Over kits and can custom build set-ups to suit your specific needs.



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