S&J Handbook Servicing - Subaru & EVO

S&J closely adheres to the servicing schedules provided by manufacturers, while including expert touches to ensure the reliability and fuel efficiency of your Subaru, FT86 or EVO.

Genuine Parts are frequently used to help ensure that your pride and joy is as pleasurable to drive as the day it rolled off the production line. ULX-110 Custom Blend Motor Oils are used exclusively here at S&J, meaning your regular or sporty daily driver receives the exact same life blood flowing through its engine as our 900hp SJ1000 Race Car.

S&J Type 1 and 2 Handbook Services
start from as little as $295 and
include a Fuel System Treatment

The Type 1 and Type 2 services are each for 12,500 km intervals. S&J also offer a complete schedule of Major Services together with specific client requirements as required. 

S&J Subaru MY95-MY05

  •  S&J Type 1 / 2 Service
  •  S&J Type 3 Service
  •  S&J Type 4 Service

S&J Subaru MY06 Onwards

  •  S&J “A / B / C / E / F / G / K / L / M / O / P” Services
  •  S&J “D / N” 50,000 & 175,000 km Major Services
  •  S&J “H” Major Service (part 1)
  •  S&J “I” Major Service (part 2)
  •  S&J “J” Major Service (part 3)

Give Sean and the team at S&J a call to find out more and how they can care for your Subie, FT86 or EVO like it was their very own.


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