Exhausts, Intakes & Intercoolers 

There aren’t too many Subaru owners that at some point don’t contemplate upgrades to Exhaust, Intakes and Intercoolers, the trick is to get the right advice. This is where S&J have the credibility with seasons of Motorsport under their belt along with over 20 years on Dyno Tuning experience, what S&J haven’t tried isn’t worth trying!


Since 1998 S&J have been the state agents for the famed S&J S/S Exhaust Systems these are made from the best quality heavy wall 304 S/S Australian made components, and have always fitted well and sounded an absolute treat.

Invidia have changed the Subaru, FT and EVO world in regard to Cat-Back + Full S/S Exhaust Systems, these kits always bolt-on perfectly and offer a great deal of street appeal in regards to sound and sight!

Intakes & Intercoolers

S&J have been continually working with industry leaders as far as Induction Systems go. The main reason is that sharing development intel is crucial to ensure that fuel economy and engine reliability are optimised when it comes to the measurement and calibration of the incoming air (pre and post turbo) and given that S&J are the biggest ECUTEK Tuners in Aus, this is powerful intel! S&J stock and install Cold Air Intake Systems and Intercooler Kits, most of which are derived from Process Wests own Subaru, FT and EVO dedicated kits.

Feel free to contact the S&J Team and they will suggest and quote an exhaust and/or intake system for your needs!


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