Boxer Engines

S&J have been rebuilding and developing Subaru EJ Boxer engines for over 20 years. S&Js experience both on the track and off is behind each and every build they take on.

Many people may say an "engine is an engine", but the flat four turbo Subie motor certainly holds a great number of "tricks and traps", some of which S&J have had to learn the hard way, and others that they have been privy to by being partnered with the likes of Knight Engines, and Milton Engines, again S&J’s resources and testing grounds are almost limitless.

Most importantly when investing in something as large as an engine replacement or rebuild, it is extremely important to make the right choices of internal components and services to suit your needs. It would be easy to be miss-advised and waste money in one area and overlook something more important that would complement the desired outcome of the project. For example money is often more wisely spent doing mild port work/matching to the cylinder heads than replacing the con-rods with stronger ones, the reason for this is that by increasing flow throughout the heads, power is made easier and pumping losses are reduced on the exhaust stroke, therefore con-rods and bearings are far less venerable to fatigue and stress breakdown!

Many of the S&J EJ Engine build projects consist of a Brand New EJ207 or EJ257 Genuine Subaru Short Motor with the car’s original cylinder heads and ancillaries fully reconditioned and assembled as a package using all new Genuine Subaru Gaskets, Seals, Timing Components, Oil Pump, Water Pump, freshly anodised fasteners installed back into the car and supplied to the client as a “drive-away” package with a full 2-Year Engine Warranty. Importantly S&J always take ownership of the entire project and give you the peace of mind that all sensors and fuel system components have been tested and data-logged to ensure many years of trouble-free motoring.

S&J Automotive are proudly the Aus & NZ Dealers for the revolutionary WREJBB Subaru EJ Billet Block.

Finally there is a solution for the performance tuning market, thanks to Willall Racing reinventing the EJ25 and addressing every core weakness that exists regarding Hi-Output Subaru cylinder-head sealing, blow-by, lubrication and longevity.

Testing has shown 100+hp gains from the improved piston/bore seal alone.

Billet Block Features:

  • Billet 6061-T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminium
  • Darton Ductile Sleeves (fully supported to eliminate sleeve drop)
  • ARP Case Bolt Kit
  • 4 - Bolt Main Tunnel System
  • 8 - Block Main Dowels (OEM has 2)
  • Clearanced for Stroker Kits
  • Precision Tunnel Boring
  • Precision Deck Finishing
  • 14mm Rolled Head Stud Threads + 16.5mm Dowels
  • Choice of Raw Finish or Gold Hard Anodised

S&J can supply the raw WREJBB Billet Block as described above, prep and supply a complete short motor, prep and supply a complete long motor or even undertake a full build using a WREJBB in your Subie as a drive-in / drive-out package for as much as 500kw at the wheels.


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