S&J have had an enormous amount of experience with clutches over the years, and their very close working relationship with Australian Clutch Services (ACS) has benefited clients time and time again.

Like most components in the drive-train there is an art to making a clutch reliable and purposeful yet still affordable. ACS support S&J with the same level of service that S&J offer their clients, and thanks to this support we are able to supply and install anything from a standard replacement clutch kit up to a Full Race Clutch from the very broad ACS “Xtreme” Range and even a complete custom set-up to suit any application at all!

Standard Replacement Clutch

Standard Replacement Clutch kit, comes complete with Pressure-plate, Drive-plate, Thrust bearing and Spiggot bearing and includes Flywheel machining when installed by S&J.

Xtreme Heavy Duty

Xtreme Heavy Duty Replacement kit, as per the standard kit but with a Heavy-Duty Pressure-plate that uses a Chrome-Moly inserted friction surface for clamp load + durability, does not increase the pedal pressure on most models WRX, STI and EVO. Highly recommended on daily driven Subies, FT-86’s and EVOs that are producing over 200kw ATW.

Xtreme Heavy Duty Button

Xtreme Heavy Duty Button Race Clutch kit, has the Heavy Duty Pressure-plate with Chrome-Moly insert, but the drive is transmitted through a Race Drive-plate that has a Heavy Duty centre and Carbotic linings attached for yet improved clamp load requirements, particularly recommended for vehicles that frequent the track.

Xtreme Heavy Duty Kevlar

Xtreme Heavy Duty Kevlar Race Clutch kit, as per the Heavy Duty Button Race Clutch kit, but with Kevlar linings in place on the Carbotic buttons, silky smooth and also recommend for track and road use, a Stealth Race Clutch.

Xtreme Heavy Duty Carbon Blade

Xtreme Heavy Duty Carbon Blade Race Clutch kit, again as per the Heavy Duty Button Race Clutch kit, but this time with Carbon Blade linings, “Xtremely” grippy and will take an awful lot of abuse in Race take-off situations, highly recommended for Hill-Climb and Drag applications and still relatively road friendly if driven on the street. This is the Style of Clutch used in our own Race and Rally Cars!

The Flywheels pictured with the clutches above are from the Xtreme range, they made from “Explosion-Proof” Chrome-Moly and are available with any clutch combination, they are also a performance improvement in regards to weight and surprisingly cost effective for what they are!


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