S&J Liberty GT MY04-06 Power Upgrade Kits

Even more refinement regarding luxury, but now sporting the much talked about twin scroll turbo plus plastic intake plenum, electronic throttle and AVCS (active valve control system) on all 4 camshafts.

This car is a real pleasure to Tune for any Technician privy to the brilliantly engineered ECUTEK Tuning Tools, with such technology in electronics and engine hardware, incremental increases in boost combined with AVCS, fuel and ignition timing changes allow 30 kw extra. with improvements in fuel economy all part of the first upgrade package at $1590 including 4wd Dyno Tuning. 

Note that STI model responds just as well to these upgrades in both manual and Tip-tronic versions. ECUTEK Race-Rom features like: Flat-Foot-Shift, Blip-on-Downshift, Dual Boost Maps and Launch Control are all a no cost option for this model Liberty too.


Give Sean and the team at S&J a call for pricing and importantly, advice on what kit and options best suit your needs.

As with any S&J Power Kit, these can be upgraded from one to another at only the cost difference in the kits, save for the extra costs of re-tuning at each additional stage.

S&J can Tune your Whole Car!

Remember, Tuning a car to your needs doesn't necessarily stop at the engine and computer, brake and suspension upgrades can significantly improve your car too! With MCA, SuperPro and Whiteline constantly developing upgrade kits for all levels of touring and driving, S&J can tailor a package to satisfy your requirements! Like wise, Rota Wheels and Hankook Tyres are a specialty at S&J, as they have become expert in the fitment of wheel/tyre packages with the tough looks and grip to match!

Example Dyno Results

These are Dyno printouts of actual clients cars following S&J Power Kits. These examples indicate what is possible. Every car is different so results for yours may not be identical.

S&J Power Kit: 


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