S&J IX Power Upgrade Kits

The 2005 released EVO IX is a fantastic bit of gear. It may seem like just another revision in a long line of EVO's, but it is so muchmore than that!

Some major revisions took place between the EVO VIII and the new EVO IX, and all of them were for the better.
Improvements were made and features have been added, and what was great was carried over - just some of the changes between the models were:

  • Reduction in price compared to outgoing EVO VIII model (making it a direct competitor with the MY06 Mitsubishi STi).
  • New 6 speed manual transmission, up from 5 speed transmission on the outgoing model. While quite a good gearbox and able to handle a fair bit of punishment!
  • New MIVEC variable valve timing (first for an EVO) engine with a "quoted" 206kw and 355Nm of torque at flywheel. Claimed 0-100kph time is now 5.7 sec compared to 6.1 sec for the outgoing model with in gear acceleration also noticeably quicker (partially due to engine improvements, partially due to better gearing as a result of the extra gear ratio).
  • New external aero package to reduce drag and front end lift, and improve down force.
  • Much improved interior including carbon look trim.
  • 60kg reduction in weight compared to EVO VIII model (due to aluminium roof, lighter side intrusion bars and lighter wheels among other things)
  • Different (and far better) turbo assembly with revised exhaust housing and notably better response and boost control to the EVO VIII.
  • And if that wasn't enough, quoted fuel consumption also drops from 10.9L/100km with the EVO VIII down to 10.0L/100km with the new EVO IX. Both on the road and on the track, the new EVO IX is a great all round package, and is notably better in just about all aspects. As a base model it is fantastic, but modified it could only get better"
S&J have been fortunate enough to tune a great deal of these cars, many have stayed with the stealth but impressive  S&J XA kit an extra 25 kw ATW is awesome value, others have either upgraded to the XB kit or gone straight there, and with the promise of up to 220 kw ATW, the most impressive exhaust system on the market, its' not a wonder.

S&J XA Power Kit includes:

  • ECUTEK Type 2 
  • Pre-Tune Engine Inspection 
  • Custom Fine Tuning, with Dyno Reports

S&J XB Power Kit includes:


Give Sean and the team at S&J a call for pricing and importantly, advice on what kit and options best suit your needs.

As with any S&J Power Kit, these can be upgraded from one to another at only the cost difference in the kits, save for the extra costs of re-tuning at each additional stage.

S&J can Tune your Whole Car!

Remember, Tuning a car to your needs doesn't necessarily stop at the engine and computer, brake and suspension upgrades can significantly improve your car too! With MCA, SuperPro and Whiteline constantly developing upgrade kits for all levels of touring and driving, S&J can tailor a package to satisfy your requirements! Like wise, Rota Wheels and Hankook Tyres are a specialty at S&J, as they have become expert in the fitment of wheel/tyre packages with the tough looks and grip to match!

Example Dyno Results

These are Dyno printouts of actual clients cars following S&J Power Kits. These examples indicate what is possible. Every car is different so results for yours may not be identical.

S&J EVO Power Kits: 


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