S&J Power Upgrade Kits
with ECUTEK ECU Tuning

S&J are fully qualified and experienced in ECUTEK ECU remapping to improve drivability, power and fuel economy of your car.

ecutek raceromS&J Automotive have been Tuning WRXs, STIs, Foresters and Libertys with ECUTEK for over 16 years, and the BRZ / FT-86 platform since its inception in 2012. All ECUTEK Tunes are carried out personally by Sean (the business owner). Sean performs these ‘Dyno Tunes’ day-in day-out, using the world renowned ECUTEK Engineered Programming Tools, he would be amongst a small group of people world-wide that have had this much experience tuning factory ECUs with ECUTEK for these models.

Why Tune Your Engine ECU?

To improve drivability, torque, power and fuel economy of your car. To make the most of each level of performance hardware upgrade reliably. Even tuning completely standard car will unleash reserve potential. How is it done? With the ground breaking software that ECUTEK in the UK began developing back in 1999, and continue to do so with a team of 8 engineers, we are actually able retune the factory ECU with a lap-top through the factory “OBD11” or “Can-Bus” ports so that it still works in entirely the same manner as the manufacturer designed it, with improved maps to suit your needs and/or modifications to your car.

Power Upgrade Kits

Combine the Advanced Engine Tuning of ECUTEK with well-developed and carefully chosen aftermarket components and you have an S&J Power Kit:

Choose your model here and see what is achievable:

Race-Rom Features

In 2008 the talented ECUTEK Engineers developed a set of features which utilise the electronic throttle to manage up-shifts, down-shifts and even take-offs in a manner just like a highly developed race car, read more about each feature here:

Auto-Blip on Down-Shift, allows the driver to just focus on the road ahead as he/she depresses the clutch whilst the brake pedal is still being depressed, an adaptive percentage of throttle is applied in the manner of a “Blip” to ensure a seamless “Down-Shift”.

Flat-Foot Shift, allows us the ability to perform silky smooth upshifts without lifting off the accelerator, so the clutch and gear lever are treated as per normal and the ECUTEK Race-Rom manages the throttle control to perfection. All for added thrills as well as picking up every tenth in acceleration through the gears. 

Launch Control, is a pre-determined and in many cases adjustable stationary RPM Limiter which helps take the guess work out of RPM control when leaving a standing start in a hurry.

Dual Boost Maps, here we can choose not one but two separate boost maps, all tuned through the factory ECU, and switchable by the driver on the fly, using the accelerator and demister switch. Another “Stealth” feature which maximises the factory ECU to its potential.

Note: All features can be enabled and disabled by the driver, “on the fly”.

Note: ECUTEK Race-Rom is available for most Subaru models from 2006 on and all BRZ / FT-86’s.


Thanks again to the brilliant ECUTEK Engineering Team, S&J can add a “Flex-Fuel” kit to your car and Tune the engine for its maximum output on 98-Ron fuel and E-85, allowing you the freedoms of varying the ratios of these fuels in your tank. This helps make the choice to have your car tuned easy with E-85, as you will always have the flexibility to tank-up anywhere at all. Ordinarily 20+ extra kw is achieved with E-85 fuel over 98-Ron, so even with the required hardware for the conversion this adds up the great “Bang for Bucks”.

Factory Warranty Guarantee

S&J also reinforce their own "Factory Warranty Guarantee" on all Power kits for the LIFE of the manufacturer’s warranty. Gone are the days where clients worry about losing their factory warranty when they modify the power output in their cars, we believe they should maintain it, so S&J Automotive cover the Engine, ECU and Turbocharger 100% within the terms of the factory warranty schedule.



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