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Rota Wheels

Rota WheelsRota Wheels Australia is the sole exclusive distributor and official representative for Rota Wheels in Australia. Rota Wheels have been in the industry for over 30 years manufacturing wheels with state of the art technology, vigorous manufacturing processes and testing procedures/equipment to produce the highest level of quality wheels that exceed international standards (JWL & VIA).  

S&J Automotive are proud to add our name to the dealer network that Rota Wheels Australia have created. With their ever popular JDM designed wheels that are available in many different styles, sizes, offsets and colors we are sure that we can come up with a combo that will suit your style and budget.

We have tried and tested these rims many times over on clients and our own cars and they never disappoint! We are passionate about all aspects of our cars including the aesthetics, the presence and the reliability. That’s why we use and recommend Rota Wheels without question.  

We believe highly in form and function and have used many different combinations in size and offset. Contact us today and we can help you choose the right combination for your pride and joy.  

If you would like a quote or have any questions on Rota Rims or even a Tyre and Wheel package deal click here.

Rota Fighter Speed Bronze Rota GForce Matt Black Rota Gravel Gun Metallic
Rota Grid Gun Metallic Rota Grid White Rota P1R
  Rota PWR FA Steel Grey  

Rota Wheels