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Power up Kits

These document downloads allow you to read and understand how MRT have developed the kits that are designed, dyno tuned, extensively tested and packaged for each model. Each document explains in detail how and why MRT have chosen the parts that are included. Each package makes it easy for you to choose an "MRT Power kit" that meets your budget and performance requirements.

Finally, rest assured that we at S&J have been working in conjunction with MRT for over 10 years now and not only have we fitted and tested many of each of these kits on each model, but in most areas we have even been closely involved in their development, as well as other dealers within the MRT National Network.

Our aim is to deliver a package that meets your needs as well as being designed for local conditions. No longer do you need to drive an "average" car that is manufactured to suit many countries, "average" conditions and "average" drivers. We can unleash the hidden performance that is "detuned" by the car manufacturer, a MRT Power kit upgrade will always result in improved fuel economy, better drivability and reliability!

Read about our client feedback here.





Subaru Impreza WRX MY99-00

Model year: Subaru Impreza WRX MY99-00 2L turbo (including "Club Spec Evo" limited edition models)

We vary the XC kit contents slightly from the MRT package on the Classic models, so click here to see what we propose and be astounded by the potential in the humble MY99-00 WRX!

  • XA Kit: 20kw & 22% more torque
  • XB kit: 40kw & 30% more torque
  • XC Kit: 55kw & 40% more torque

Subaru Liberty B4 MY01-03

Model year: Subaru Liberty B4 MY01-03 2L twin turbo

MRT have not developed a specific document for the B4, however we have upgraded a great number of these classic luxury twin turbo cars and have an excellent idea of what works and what doesn't.

Click here for more B4 upgrade info.

Subaru Impreza STi MY99-00

Model year: Subaru Impreza STi MY99-00 2L turbo

The Famous 2 Door and 4 Door versions of the STI MY99-00 Australian delivered cars have been extremely popular, and as prestigious and limited as they are in numbers, we have been fortunate to upgrade a great number of these machines over the last 10 or so years, we have owned 4 ourselves, so they are close to the heart!

Click here for further info on the "Classic STI"

Subaru Liberty 3.0RB MY06-09

Model year: Subaru Liberty 3.0 RB MY06-09 2005-2009 3L N/A

There is no specific document for the Six cylinder cars however we consider ourselves pioneers and at the same time experts in this field, with EcuTek and MRT's support we have had the opportunity to tune many of the 3.0L cars, Auto and Manual, with and without exhaust system upgrades.

Click here to see some results.