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For more information about some of the products we sell or just some good web sites we think you should visit:

www.MRTrally.com.au   MRT Performance
S&J are agents for the full range of MRT products.
We stock most and can quickly obtain any MRT items for you.
www.Ecutek.com.au   EcuTeK (Australia)
"the revolution in ECU re-programming"
www.eblen.com.au      Eblen Subaru
The "Six Star" Subaru dealer in Glenelg SA
www.xenonoz.com   xenonOz
"See more" with xenonOz headlight bulb kits
www.rally.com.au   Australian Rally Championship
www.rallysport.asn.au   Rallysport Club of South Australia
www.wrxsa.com   Impreza WRX Owners Club South Australia
www.rexnet.com.au   RexNet WRX Forum
www.autosource.com.au   Australian automotive website directory
www.australianmotors.com.au   We highly recommend Australian Motors if you
are looking at purchasing any Mitsubishi.
www.aclperformance.com.au   ACL - High performance driving demands that you use the best parts
www.daydreamcottages.com.au   Holiday accommodation in The Grampians
www.teamsooby.com   Subaru car club
www.sportingcarclubsa.org.au   The Sporting Car Club of South Australia
www.bevenyoung.com.au   Beven D.Young's Automotive, Motorcycle, Karting Books and Software Web Site.
www.rallyschool.com.au   From a V8 or Turbo '6 packs' to Full Day and Corporate Events, there's an experience to suit every driver and every budget


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