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Welcome to S&J Automotive...

S&J Automotive was established in 1995 and has evolved into a specialist Subaru & EVO Performance and Servicing Centre providing "Handbook Servicing" and supply of a carefully chosen range of aftermarket performance bred products.

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We have had tremendous success tuning late model Subarus and Lancers using the MRT Power kits, which we have been heavily involved in the development of, incorporating the cutting edge technology of EcuTeK ECU Reprogramming. At S&J we are all about tastefulness that's why with the Liberty, Forester and even the late model Rex and Lancer range of performance cars we offer entry level stealth packages, and where an exhaust system is part of the kit, it is in keeping with the class of the vehicle. Our aim is to firstly help inform you of what is available and then achieve the best performance results to suit your needs with no compromise to reliability. Click here for more details on the MRT, S&J power kits.

We are also very aware that a car's performance does not stop at the flywheel, that's why we specialise in Clutches, Gearboxes, Diffs, Brakes, Suspension plus Wheels and Tyres too!

Development of power upgrades for the MY15/16/17 WRX and MY15/16/17 STI has been intense but enjoyable. The timeless team of MRT Performance and S&J Automotive, have had the usual good fortune of working with EcuTek for this very exciting new platform of the WRX. The latest MY15 onwards Power Kits that have been hitting the streets for over 2 years now, and comprise of MRT components fitted and tuned by us here at S&J, with the further optional benefits of 98ron/E-85 "Flex-Fuel" tuning thanks to EcuTek Race-Rom.

Willall Racing WREJBB Billet Blocks NOW AVAILABLE

Our latest developments have included the appointment of S&J as the Australian and NZ stockist, reseller and tech outlet for the world famous Willall Racing WREJBB Billet Block. This marvel of South Australian engineering has been sought after by tune shops worldwide for cures to those inherent floors in the EJ platform of engine block which show up in big horsepower tunes and builds, click here for more info on the WREJBB

Mild to Wild d>

S&J in-house Engine builds "Mild to Wild" with art-worked into the box. Our experience with the "EJ" series of engine would be second to none in the country, click here see to what we offer.

We have over 17 years experience in WRX gearbox rebuilds/upgrades and a huge range of clutches so click here for our many “gripping” Clutch options or here for info on our Gearbox upgrades.
Wheels & Tyres

We offer a complete range of Hankook, Silverstone and Federal, Road and Race tyres as well as Braid Race Wheels  click here for some more info

Order direct from our TECHNICAL TEAM
This Month's HOT Items:

S&J Fuel Pump Kits

We have a complete range of DIY S&J 300L/H Fuel Pump Kits on the shelf ready for despatch. For the right advice, inquire here for an S&J Fuel Pump kit to suit your Subie.
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Subaru Short Motors

EJ207 + EJ257 Subaru Short Motors
Buying an EJ207 or EJ257 from S&J will not only better fit your budget, but also puts you directly in touch with our Technical Team for specifications and advice. 
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Brake Rotors & Pads

DBA Slotted Rotors and
MRT Sport Brake Pads
We have a complete range of DBA Slotted Rotors and MRT Sport Pads on the shelf ready for despatch.
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  S&J Automotive Highly Recommend Jarvis Subaru, call by and check out their amazing new showroom!