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Hot Products for your WRX

S&J are the South Australian agents for all MRT Performance products. We carry a substantial volume of their stock which includes S/S Exhausts, Rampod kits, Whiteline Sway bars and Strut Braces, AGX Sports Shocks, DBA Disc Rotors, GFB Pulley kits and BOV's, genuine STi parts and more. We are also well qualified to fit any of these products to your car in our workshop.

Some of the most popular are:

  • EcuTek Reprogrammed ECU's
    Using our EcuTeK Delta ECU Software we are able to offer you updates and modifications to the Subaru ECU's with revised mapping. Instant results with no hardware changes, wire cutting, soldered chips or intercept modules are required. More Info.
  • Tein
    One of the worlds most popular shock absorbers, Tein is the choice of many, and used by MRT in their project cars this includes a r/d partnership with our EVO 9. Whereby MRT tests and consults on valving for the Australian roads & conditions. We stock TEIN and can supply, fit and align the parts for the best results.
  • MRT S/S Exhaust Systems
    These are the best exhaust systems available for both turbo and non-tubo Subaru's. High quality, sensible designs that will fit to the factory mount points for easy installation. Greater efficiency, improved performance and a good range of choices to guarantee satisfaction.
  • GFB STEALTH Blow Off Valves
    Loud OR quiet, you decide with a twist of the wrist!!  Ideal for both street and track.
  • GFB Alloy Pulley Kits
    These lighter pulleys improve throttle response, as there is less rotational mass for the engine to drive. No loss in alternator generation. Available in a choice of anodised colours that look great.
  • Alloy Intercooler Kits
    Available in both "top mount" and "front mount" styles. These high quality replacement intercoolers cool intake charge more effectively, resulting in a dramatic performance improvement.
  • Whiteline Suspension components
    Products that are designed to work together to deliver the best possible handling for your car. Most popular for Sway Bars, Strut Braces and the highly regarded Anti-Lift Kit for Subaru's.
  • DBA Disc Brake Rotors
    Replacement rotors providing performance enhancement and aggressive appearance that fit exactly the same as the standard rotor