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The S&J Story...

S&J Automotive was opened in 1995 by Sean and Joanne Day who still operate the business today. Originally just the two of them, husband and wife offering general performance car maintenance and a strategic agency for the popular Top Gun Ignition Leads range.

A few years later, S&J had evolved into a specialist Subaru WRX Performance and Servicing Centre. This evolution naturally led them to sourcing the best overall performance solutions for their customers and the MRT Performance products filled many of their requirements. The close relationship that has developed between S&J and MRT returns great benefits to both S&J and their clients in the form of knowledge and vast experience.

Handbook servicing of all performance Subaru’s and EVO’s is a large part of S&J's success, and is often the reason why clients contact S&J in the first place. "Exceptional customer service certainly breeds success" says Sean.

In 2004 Matt Lane joined the S&J team and made a great contribution to the talent on offer. Matt has always been involved in 4 cylinder turbo performance cars and has been an asset in many ways, fitting turbos, injectors, fuel rails & suspension components to Rexes & STIs all come second nature to Matty, while his dedication and pride to performing a thorough major handbook service is remarkable.

Following that Shane Sickerdick became an important part of the team with much enthusiasm in the gearbox area Shane is definitely an expert in that field and many more now, including electrical wiring and MRT Power kit upgrades. He has started to lend Sean a bit more of a hand in the office and making sure the workshop is running smoothly. Shane ironically came from a Mitsubishi Dealer, so that experience is bound to pay off with the EVO & Ralliart servicing and tuning performed here at S&J.

Mark Mills who attended trade school with Sean contracts a lot of the fabrication work and lends a hand in the workshop, he is kept busy here 3 days a week helping with engine builds and head gasket repairs. Mark has been a great friend of Sean and Jo's for well over 25 years now, and was working with them when S&J was in its early days, so he fits in as a strong part of the S&J team.

Reece Cameron joined S&J in November 2009, Reece formerly a client (with a 2 door STI, mind you) inquired about fulfilling his dream and working on Performance Subies, the attitude and timing were spot on, and Reece and his passion for Subie’s and EVO’s has fitted in perfectly with the other team members. He has taken over the gearbox repairs from Shane, between Sean, Shane and Reece there is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to gearboxes.

Sean and Jo’s eldest son Dan officially joined the team on a full time basis and with his enthusiasm, dedication and attention to detail has taken over the engine building room from Sean and has excelled in leaps and bounds. He takes a whole job approach doing everything from start to finish with any engine build. He has always been around the workshop so it was a natural fit for him to join the team.

Next it was time for Sean and Jo’s youngest son Brad to join the ranks. As with Dan he has always been in the workshop helping out where he can and learning as much as he can. He was an extremely valuable member of the team taking in all aspects of the workshop from servicing to hot ups. He has since moved on to bigger and better things pursuing his love for film. With the workshop and customer base always growing S&J have since taken on two new apprentices to mould to the S&J philosophy.

Jack Wilson first came on-board; with his love of 4 cylinder turbo cars he is full of excitement and passion fulfilling his dreams of working in a performance workshop.

Lastly Brayden Paparella Bown has started his apprenticeship here as part of our team, like Reece he has been a customer for some time as well. He is mad keen on Subaru’s as well as many other performance cars, but Subaru is where his hearts at.

Sean believes that the team is now complete and they are proud to have these 7 guy's on board, because enthusiasm, passion and talent together are very hard to find, just as importantly they all work very tidily, and that is paramount in such a top end workshop!

Although still a small workshop in some ways, S&J are proud to be able to do all repairs "in house", from regular handbook servicing to gearbox rebuilds/upgrades, monster tune packages and even race and rally car builds!

Both Sean and Joanne are very keen Motorsport participants. They competed for 5 seasons in the South Australian Rally Championship in a stunningly prepared, MRT sponsored Liberty RSR Turbo rally car. Joanne was the driver while Sean handled co-driving and car preparation.

Joanne has owned a range of WRXs and STIs each with most of the MRT/S&J goodies on board, while Sean drives a 22B, and he use to compete in their 2 door STi Type R Rally Car that was built at S&J from ground up, which saw some great results on track days and hill climb events. Although the 2 door has changed hands and Sean no longer regularly competes in motorsport events himself, he is still active in the support of motorsport her in SA. Sean's Motorsport dates back to when he was 12, and his Dad helped him get involved in Mudsprints and Motorkhanas with Southern Districts Car Club.

Sean and Jo have now takin a small step back from competing themselves to help Dan and Brad pursue their motorsport career’s. Dan and Brad both started in motorsport at very young age as well doing Motorkhana’s, Hill climbs and Gymkhana’s. Since then Dan Day Racing was started and Dan first started competing in the South Australian Rally Championship at the age of 16, moving onto and competing in the Australian Rally championship, Kumho V8 Touring cars, driving the DDR Holden V8 Super car in the Dunlop V8 Super Car Series and now driving for Image Racing in the Dunlop V8 Super Car Series.

While Brad has also driven the V8 Supercars and has a passion for motorsport he has decided to focus more on his future within cinematography and all aspects of production. He still goes to events and makes all the movies for DDR.

S&J's involvement in Motorsport with their own cars certainly adds credibility and experience to the advice that they offer their clients.