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MRT Power Kits

Designed and Dyno tested to suit your car and your budget. We develop parts and kits for Subaru, Ford and Mitsubishi. Every MRT Power kit comes with a huge range of benefits, including our Triple Guarantee, and a MRT supported Factory Warranty! We encourage you download and review the document that is written for your car.
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7 Reasons Why These Kits Are Your Best Choice:

  1. Our extensive R&D program.
  2. Our Unique Triple Guarantee:
    a. Guaranteed Performance Outcome.
    b. Factory Warranty Guarantee.
    c. Parts Guarantee.
  3. Proven Track Record
  4. How fast? Its your choice!
  5. Single Supplier support.
  6. Improved Fuel Economy.
  7. Drivability Focus.

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