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HyperFlow - Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked WRX/STI Intercooler related question is:

Should I replace my std. I/C with a larger Top mount or a Front mounted I/C?

A: There often isn't any correct answer to this question, but in an attempt to assist, following are some guidelines from our experience:

  • Up to 200kw at the wheels (280 at the flywheel) we have found any of the Hyperflow top mount intercoolers to be adequate, in fact we even have a customers car that has almost 300 atw running a TMIC. They are almost double the size and flow of the std. I/C plus the efficiency of the silicone "Y" hoses, fabricated tanks plus bar & plate core for the dissipation of heat, all work together to make the most of the classic Subaru under bonnet intercooler. We can also supply larger improved bonnet scoops plus water spray kits for most models to compliment the already awesome performance improvement. With very noticeable gains in torque & power, plus the added engine reliability in most cases the Hyperflow TMIC kit is hard to go past. For example an 01-05 WRX with the usual exhaust, turbo, injectors & Ecutek upgrades usually makes about 175kw ATW, bolting on a Hyperflow TMIC with no other mods never fails to give us another 10kw of power plus approx 30-40 nm of torque !
  • There is always a time and place for one of the Awesome looking Front Mounted Intercooler kits and with the strategic placement of the I/C kit pipes turbo lag is kept to a minimum.

If the Killer looks alone are not enough, following are some reason that we would suggest you take this path:

  1. interestingly enough, we have found that the Auto Rexes seem to require a FMIC a lot sooner than the manual cars, the stalling up of the torque converter, under mild or hard launches causes incredibly high levels of heat soak, with out the movement of the car, the trapped I/C suffers for at least all of first and most of second gear, which naturally really knocks performance & safety.
  2. track cars can also suffer from high under bonnet temps after repetitive laps, depending on the individual track.
  3. drag cars waiting in form up unfortunately suffer too, and from personal experience, the track marshals aren't too pleased when there are litres of liquid running from the underside of the engine bay in an attempt to bring the I/C temps down!
  4. again a Subaru that is bound for beyond the Magic 200kw at the wheels should probably be running a Front Mounted Intercooler.

Naturally feel free to contact us if the info that we have offered still doesn't give you the suggestions that you need for your application, as always we are here to help!

Note: Hyperflow Top & Front Mounted Intercooler kits are road legal in South Australia!